Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be an occasional item, or any every day option. From single use daily disposable contact lenses to multifocal contact lenses, ask our optometrists how they can help you.


In Detail

Contact lenses are liberating, and can be worn either full-time or occasionally.
Our disposable contact lenses are price to be the cheapest in the market.

We commonly prescribe:
- The latest disposable contact lenses including high oxygen lenses
- Single use daily disposable contact lenses
- Multifocal contact lens options for people needing reading glasses

We also perform more complex contact lens fitting for people with:
- Contact lenses for overnight wear including Orthokeratology
- Rigid contact lenses
- Previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers
- Dry eyes
- Ocular allergy
- Keratoconus and other corneal disorders
- Corneal graft recipients

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