Glaucoma, Macula and Cataract Management

Early detection of eye disease is crucial and our comprehensive approach to your eye care involves assessment of these common conditions.


In Detail

Glaucoma is tricky because we don't have a single, stand-alone test for diagnosis. We follow the latest evidence-based approach to assessing your risk of glaucoma, including family history, intraocular pressure, careful examination of the front part of the eye, optic nerve assessment, visual field testing, imaging and OCT scans of the retina. Our optometrists are able to set plans to monitor, diagnose and manage glaucoma. We can also co-manage glaucoma with your ophthalmologist.

There are several conditions that impact our macula, including that 1 in 7 of us over 50 will have evidence of macular degeneration. We now have strategies to reduce risk of progression to the later stages of the disease where vision becomes affected.

Cataract is a common disease describing cloudiness of the crystalline lens inside our eyes. Fortunately, cataract can be treated with surgery and our optometrists will guide you as to when this will be appropriate.

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